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Add Resale Value to Your Jacksonville House

With an aging baby boomer population, mobility assistive devices and equipment installed in a Jacksonville house will be very appealing to this demographic. With the addition of mobility devices to your bathroom, you make it a lot easier to sell when the time comes, and can greatly boost your Jacksonville home’s resale value.

Make the Bathroom Much Less Risky

The bathroom is among the very most dangerous areas in the home for elderly folks. With a fresh walk in tub, you can make getting in and out of the shower every day that is considerably safer and much more stable. That reduces the danger of one of the most speculative rooms in the house.

Stay in the Home You Love Much Longer and with More Freedom

Everyone desires to be able manage to take care of themselves for so long as possible, and to live independently. With a fresh tub, you can add another year or two to being able to live in your own home, take care of yourself, and be free to determine when you wish to bathe, not when you’re scheduled to.


Does the threat of falling and sliding in the toilet make you scared of living alone?

Would a single fall set you back years of exercise and mobility?

Do you want extra help washing and cleaning of falling in the bathtub, because of the danger?

We are proud to install walk-in showers and tubs for the truly amazing individuals of Jacksonville, to make normal living much easier. Our highly trained technicians here at Cain’s Mobility FL can have a brand new shower set up all ready to go in your Jacksonville house within a few days!

Quit Worrying about Slipping and Falling in the Restroom, and Get Equilibrium and Equilibrium.

Are you really worried about yourself or your loved one getting in or outside of the shower by themselves?

Among the greatest stresses for elderly individuals living in Jacksonville is the risk of falling and sliding when getting in or out of the shower. With slick surfaces, and excess water everywhere, it may be difficult to keep balance well enough to get in or out.

With a walk in bathtub, you can stop worrying about that chance, since the bathing procedure will be easy and safe once more.

Without having to step out so high over the side, now you can get in and out much simpler, and have more balance and equilibrium.

Raise your Jacksonville Home’s Resale Value to An Increasing Baby Boomer People.

As more and more of the baby boomer population in Florida are getting elderly, freedom gear will become a bigger and bigger selling point for the purchase of Jacksonville houses.

By installing a walk in bathtub in your Jacksonville home, you will not only make daily living easier but would set your dwelling up to be more valuable later on.

Every walk-in tub can significantly increase your Florida house’s resale and appeal to aging people.

Give our Jacksonville team a call to find out just how much the resale value of your house would grow from a fresh facility.

Make Living Alone in Florida Safe and Fun!

For a lot of aging citizens, being able to live in their very own house for so long as possible is the easiest way to keep dignity and pride in their own own lives.

As people age, parts of their bodies begin to break down, also it becomes dangerous to live alone without added help in the rare case that something happens.

For many aged people, this means eventually needing to move away from the Jacksonville house they have lived in for decades and love, and into a Florida retirement or care facility that’s sterile, unfamiliar and not nearly the same as their own house in Jacksonville.

By preventing falls and slips in the restroom with a brand new walk-in bath, aged people will probably have the ability to stay within their very own home for more, and revel in the life they’ve lived for years.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do these tubs use more water than conventional tubs?

Yes. A walk in bathtub is not generally shorter than an average bath tub, which comprises about 2 1/2 feet of water on average. Some producers say if a regular shower is 7 minutes that you use the exact same amount of water as a shower that is standard and you also use 7 gallons of water a minute. Most of the walk in tubs available on the market have a 40-80 gallon capacity. In fact, many manufacturers advise that you've got a hot water tank that fits at least 50 gallons, though some tubs will work efficiently if you fill them with 40-60 gallons.

2) Can the shower be used still with a walk-in bathtub?

Yes. There are walk-in bath installations that provide you with a large standing place for stand-up showers. You can shower sitting down or standing up. Ensure you get the correct measurements for the walk-in bathtub so that you do not feel cramped during a stand up shower. Additionally, should you would like to maintain your standing shower since if your faucet isn't directly against a wall, it is far more difficult to tap into your existing shower, another thing to keep in mind would be to ask about the faucet place.

3) Will a tub like this add to my Jacksonville home’s resale value?

In case you live in a Jacksonville retirement community, installing a walk in bathroom may raise the value of your own home. It probably won't increase the value of your house. Since changes to your toilet do not usually increase the value of your house, price may qualify for the medical expense deduction for tax purposes both federally and in Florida if the principal purpose of the enhancements would be to adapt a residence to the incapacity of the taxpayer, their spouse or dependent living there.

4) Is there a way to re-sell the tub once we are done with it?

You can re sell or locate used walk in tubs being sold online. Yet, lots of people normally want to make sure that they're purchasing a walk in bathtub that personally matches their needs for the long-term. They are less likely to choose a huge risk by paying the removal of their present bath as well as all the costs associated with transportation without assurance and a little more investment in the condition and quality of their purchase. There isn't actually a big market for used plumbing fixtures. Eventually, should you think you could attempt to resell your walk-in tub, the next buyer may want to be aware of whether the lifetime warranty is extended to other owners too or if they're going to need to cover the costs related to a door seal or other component damages that will occur with use.

5) About how long does the installation process take with your Jacksonville installers?

Once the bathtub arrives, an installation requires between one and three days of work in Jacksonville. It really depends upon the scope of the work. You should make us know if there's a crucial deadline involving a family member coming for a visit or a loved one's release from Florida rehabilitation so that we can do the best we can to accommodate you.

6) Is there a way to get Jacuzzi jets in my tub?

Yes. Be cautious of the quantity of water and also atmosphere that comes out of the jets to be sure it's the proper amount that will soothe pains and your sore muscles with a massage sense. Jets may be positioned to target specific regions to provide for the best effects. Many Jacksonville customers enjoy the therapeutic effect of having jets installed in their own walk in bath for a broad range of health conditions that benefit from the additional easiness.

7) How much is it for a cheaper walk-in bathtub?

A cheaper basic variant of the walk in bathtub can cost between $1,7000 and $3,000 in [

8) How do walk in bathtubs work?

When you enter the walk-in bath, you shut the door and seal it by pulling on the handle toward you. Make sure that the handle is locked in order to avoid any water loss. There are several types of handles determined by the model you choose to purchase. Make sure it is a handle that you could easily work. Following that, you close the floor drain and make sure that the anti-scald device has been preset before using the tub. Once you've completed your bath, remove the drain determined by the type of drain or turn the overflow knob you have to empty the water. Pull on the bathtub leave and handle the bath.

9) How do I know these tubs will fully seal and not leak out all over the floor?

Appropriate installation and initial testing should offer you a leakproof encounter, nevertheless there are episodes where they experienced flows, that customers report. Under appropriate conditions, the door seal should compress making it completely leak proof. Some units comprise another drain below the entry door to help prevent leaks in the event the door does leak. Ask if this feature is contained. We highly recommend that you simply get a lifetime warranty, since it covers the door in the case of a leak and the seal. Also, it is important to take great care of the walk-in bathtub door when the bath is not in use to prevent early failure of the seal. Wiping the door seal and door jamb down after every use can maintain the integrity of the water seal. Follow the care and maintenance instructions. Also, any small collection of debris or soil on the door seal or where the seal comes in contact with all the door jamb can lead to a minor leak through the door seal, so consistently wipe down the door seal.

10) About how much will one of these tubs cost to get installed?

The setup can really cost you approximately $1,500-$3,000 to be installed in Jacksonville. Occasionally the expense of the installation as well as the unit is a better investment than paying for a caretaker.

11) How much do walk-in bathtubs cost in Jacksonville?

A walk-in bathtub in Jacksonville commonly ranges in price from $1,700 to over $30,000. The cost also changes depending on whether you choose fiberglass or acrylic tubs. Everybody is different and making sure that a walk-in tub works for a person's unique position is extremely critical because it is typically replacing a bathtub or washing assembly that's not fulfilling their needs. A great walk-in bathtub runs between $3,000 and $8,000 installed. Some suppliers provide a cash bonus or monthly premiums.

12) Will Medicare cover the cost of equipment and installation in Florida?

Medicare does not cover walk in tub gear and installation costs in Florida, for the reason that they're dwelling modifications, not durable medical equipment. Durable medical equipment does not contain physical changes to a home, simply medical equipment and supplies which are used to help a patient in and out of a chair or bed, or make use of a shower or tub easier and safer. Consumer Affairs implies that you may want to contact Medicare to see if (for mobility safety reasons) a walk in tub is justified to determine whether the equipment could be partly compensated. More often than not, it won't be covered by them. But if you're qualified for Medicaid, your state's program may offer you some financial assistance for a walk-in bathtub. You may qualify for a Home and Community Based Service (HCBS) waiver to play for particular specialized medical equipment and accessibility modifications. In the event you are a receiver of Medicaid and Medicare, it's also wise to consider the Dual-Eligible Special Needs Strategy. Medicaid provides a whole list of waivers applicable to the elderly that we recommend that you review. Additionally, contact your Jacksonville or Florida Area Agency on Aging (AAA) to investigate Medicaid Waivers and financial alternatives for long term care.

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